The points winner in all the A, B & C classes will be automatically advanced to the next class skill level.
(i.e. B will be moved to A; C will be moved to B)

Please note once you moved up, either by choice or automatically you are not allowed to move back.
Anyone caught riding in a class skill level that they should not be, after moving up, be will be Automatically
DISQUALIFIED from that event.


Riders Automatically Advanced

for the 2021 season.


Racers advanced to Expert class

Class Champions: Jake Lewis, Shawn Sisk


Racers advanced to A classes

Class Champions: Jevin Huey, Jonah Logsdon, Josh Allen, Warren Young, Brian Kennedy
Top 5% Overall: None


Racers advanced to B classes

Class Champions:Lane Wilcox, Jordan Caniff, Hunter Cormier, Roger Bender, Eric Lindenschmidt,
Scott Dearing
Top 5% Overall: Chase Rusher, Isaac Howell, Clayton Scherzinger


Racers advanced to Buddy class for Winning
Buddy C Championship

Class Champions: Team of Addy Obermeyer & Alex Tislow